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A Squirrel's Tale

by Richard Fowler

A Squirrel's Tale is a particularly fun book for younger children. The book comes with a little squirrel "paper doll" that slides through prepared slots one each page. It is fun for kids to be active participants, however, the drawback is that the dialogue in the book does not flow as smoothly as most children's books.

The squirrel runs from place to place in search of his nuts. He goes through trees, molehills, and even a wood chopper's cabin. The paper squirrel slides through each page into a new adventure.

A Squirrel's Tale has instructions on the back explaining what to do if you "lose your squirrel". However, my sister (she's extremely smart) scanned the squirrel into her computer before it had a chance to get lost. When the squirrel "ran away," she was able to print another squirrel out and paste it onto cardstock.

As well as slipping through the slots, there are many surprises. For example, when the squirrel runs through the hollow log, he comes out on the next page stuck in a spider web. He also jumps into a pile of leaves and goes into a teapot. Kids can find these "doorways" to the next page by following the dashed lines.

This is a unique book and "worth owning."

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