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Travel Activities

A lot of kids think of summer vacation as a break from all learning activities. But you can sneak some in without them even realizing it. The ideas on this page can be used anytime, but are geared specifically for traveling.

Travel Bingo and Scavenger Hunt

Travel Bingo Travel Scavenger Hunt

Here is a classic game for your road trip. Look for each of the items on the Bingo card, and see who can get five in a row first (See our other Bingo games on our Bingo page). We also offer a variation of the same game: our Travel Scavenger Hunt. See if you can find all of the items listed during your road trip!

Flat Tillie and Bud

Flat Tille and Bud characters=

Start your vacation by taking our characters with you. Similar to Flat Stanley, these two kids, Tillie and Bud, can ride along with you. Take their pictures everywhere you go and encourage your kids to write journal entries for each picture. You can also send them to friends or family throughout the world for them to take pictures as well.

p>If you would like to share your pictures of places you have taken Tillie and/or Bud, send them to the following address. (Please note, no personal information will be shared.)

Character Elimination Game

Character Elimination Game

For a fun traveling game, take our printable guessing game with you. In this deductive reasoning game, try to guess who your opponent is by asking yes and no questions that eliminate other characters. (i.e. “Are you a girl?” or “Are you a holiday character?”) In our version of this game, you may recognize characters from our books and website.

Be sure to print two copies (one for you and one for your opponent). You can laminate the boards and use dry-erase markers, use magnetic boards and magnets, or use bingo markers to keep track of who has been eliminated.

Pirate Battleship

Pirate Battle Ship

Arrr Matey! Don't pirates make everything more fun? We have a printable Pirate Battleship game to take with you on the plane or in the car (or even on a ship). You can print them out and laminate them to use over and over again with dry erase markers, or you can print out several copies. May the best pirate win!

Instructions can be found here.

Word Games

We have a variety of word games to choose from. They are all outlined on our reading games page, but they are also linked here:

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