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Bingo is a great game for children of all ages (especially if prizes are involved). One of the best things about this game is that it can be manipulated to encourage educational purposes. Whether you are teaching upper and lower case letters, early phonics, beginning sight words, numbers, spelling words, math facts, (the list can go on and on), you can make use of this enjoyable game.

Repetition is an important key to learning. For example, when children begin reading, they learn the sounds of each letter. The more they practice the sounds, the easier it is for them to remember the sound each letter makes. The same is true for a great deal of what we learn. Repetition and practice give way to such a complete memorization that it is no longer necessary to think and ponder- the knowledge just becomes part of the learner.

Bingo can also be used as a game for nearly any holiday. Words that are associated with each holiday can be used for the squares.

We have several different free printable Bingo games to choose from. Click on the link you are interested in, and print as many cards as you will need for your group or class. We also have blank cards available. If you would like to make a game specific to your needs (a list of spelling words for example) you may want to print our blank cards.

If you plan to make your own game, you will need at least 24 words. (If you use only 24 words, every word will be on each card- 5 each under the letters B, I, G, and O, and 4 plus a FREE space under the N.) You may want to use more words. Regardless of the number of words on your list, divide them as evenly as possible among the 5 columns. After you have a list of words for each of the columns, you can either make cards with the words randomly selected, or have each of the children choose the words from the list and put them into the grid themselves. Our first page of blank cards also contain calling card squares. List your words on these and cut them out on the lines to use when playing the game.

We have the following sets available. In the sets that have more than more than one part, the first part contains the calling cards and some game cards. The remaining parts contain additional unique game cards. Print as many as you need.





Make Your Own

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