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Fairy Tale Coloring Pages

Fairy Tale coloring pages are a fun and exciting way for children to experiment with hand-eye coordination. Big names like Disney® and Barbie® use fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast and Rapunzel for movie ideas. We all grew up reading and imagining these timeless stories.

Reading is an adventure and in most cases fairy tales have a moral, so they teach as well. Developing the ability to see within your mind's eye opens all sorts of worlds, not only of fiction, but of "thinking outside the box" and creative problem solving.

To help our beginning readers explore fairy tales, we have created some coloring pages to begin their grand adventure. We hope to help keep your children's minds active and full.

You can also encourage your children to create their own illustrations. This is a great way for them to explore their own ideas about the stories. Let them explain the little details that make the story come to life for them.

Choose from our fairy tale coloring pages:

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