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Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are a great way to introduce children to the joys of reading. As these are often a child's first experience with written language, their first impressions of reading will be built on the relationships they observe. Spending quality time in a positive atmosphere can help your children develop a love of reading early in their lives.

As with any "literature," nursery rhymes introduce children to new vocabulary and expand the world of their understanding (and imagination). Kids can learn about places and things they have never seen before. They can also begin to understand different cultures.

Since most nursery rhymes contain several rhyming words, they have the added advantage of helping children make predictions about how each line will end. This also helps children learn to memorize.

We have several Nursery Rhyme Coloring Pages below. (To see our other coloring pages, or to learn more about the benefits of coloring, check out our webpage on coloring.)

Homonym Phrases

You have heard of homonyms -- words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Well, you and your children may enjoy our " ." Read the clues on each card, you will be reading words that seem to make no sense. But when you listen to the words you are reading all together, they turn into nursery rhyme phrases. Give it a try! Here's an example: Read the words "Be spore itch ought." When you listen to what you are saying, you hear the homonym phrase "Peas porridge hot."

These cards are available in sets. Each set has one page that holds the clues. The second page in each set holds the answers to those clues. When you print the two pages on opposite sides on the same piece of cardstock, the answers will be printed on the backs of the card with the clue. You can then print the next clues on the page with the the answers from the first set for double-sided cards.

All the Wrong Rhymes

All the Wrong Rhymes example
"All the Wrong Rhymes" is another great game for older elementary kids. This game is similar to our Silly Sentences games. Print out the nursery rhymes and the clues. Fill in the subject and predicate blanks with the subject and predicate clues, then read through your new mixed-up nursery rhymes! This is fun and educational at the same time -- who could ask for more? (Don't forget to print both the rhymes and the clues -- you will need them both, or print the full set.)


All the Wrong Rhymes
All the Wrong Rhymes clues

All the Wrong Rhymes

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