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Children's Book Reviews

Why does offer book reviews? Well, how can children develop a joy of reading without good material? Fortunately, there are many children's books that have yet to be discovered. They sit upon the bookstore shelf waiting for kids to open their covers and jump into their adventures. Browsing through the children's book section can be intimidating and very frustrating. There are SO MANY books. Who has time to read through hundreds of books to find quality stories? How often have you come home from the library with a stack of randomly chosen books only to find the stories mundane and the artwork bland? In order to help you find that perfect book, we will provide book reviews. We will review not only timeless stories, such as the Berenstain Bears, but also outstanding reads from new or unfamiliar authors. There are many components that make up a great book. They not only have fun, imaginative plots, but also fabulous artwork. They help improve grammar, increase vocabulary, and develop attention span as well as entertain. You may be interested in the following children's book reviews:

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