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What Moms Can't Do

by Douglas Wood illustrated by Doug Cushman

What Moms Can't Do is another heartwarming tale of the relationship between a mom and her child, written from the child's prospective.

What Moms Can't Do is all about the little things that drive kids crazy about their parents. There are many great and imaginative ideas contained in the book. My favorite line is "sometimes mom can't hear themselves think (whatever that means)." Apparently mothers can't keep things picked up or clean without help either.

The pictures elaborate on the story. When the mother can't keep the house clean, it shows the child throwing clothes out of his drawers onto the floor (which hits closer to home for the mother than the child). And when the mother can't score playing basketball on her own, she lifts her child up to the hoop to make the basket.

The mom and child are dragon/dinosaur looking creatures and, of course, green (and I love the fluffy pink robe she wears). The pictures are simple and fit perfectly with the story.

Another fun story about the relationship between a parent and child is My Monster Mama Loves Me So , which we have also reviewed.

Wood and Cushman have other books out, including What Dads Can't Do and What Santa Can't Do.

This book is "well worth owning".

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