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Easter is a fun holiday that entails not only dying eggs and going on egg hunts, but also is an opportunity for your children to use their budding reading skills. When dying your eggs, the kits usually include a clear wax crayon. When I was just learning to read and write it was fun to draw pictures, create decorations (including the "fake cracked egg"), and write names like Grandma, Dad, etc. on the eggs and see them "POP OUT" when the eggs were dyed.

You can get instructions for hard boiling your eggs and making your own dyes for coloring eggs. Any wax crayons can be used for writing on and decorating the eggs.

You may want to check out a couple of our fun reading activities for the holiday. Start with our April reading calendar -- each day has a fun and unique reading activity.

You will find some of the following activities on our reading calendar, or you can print and enjoy at any time: Try our Easter kaleidocycle (also known as a flextangle)! Four different pictures appear as you flex and turn this DIY contraption!

Easter coloring pages are a fun way to get into the holiday spirit. Additionally, coloring helps to improve fine motor skills for young children (see our page about coloring). We have a free printable Easter coloring pages and a color-by-letter page for your enjoyment. Give our extreme coloring pages a try! (And have fun searching for Easter eggs in our Easter Bunny mandala.

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