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Fantasy and Dragon Coloring Pages

Dragon coloring pages are an exciting way for children to experiment with hand-eye coordination. One of my favorite genres is fantasy, where dragons and mystical kingdoms come to life. As the definition of fantasy is "not reality," we must create these magnificent beasts and worlds with our minds.

Reading takes you to places you have never been, and in the case of fantasy, to worlds as unique as each individual's imagination. Developing the ability to see within your mind's eye opens all sorts of worlds, not only of fiction, but of "thinking outside the box" and creative problem solving.

To help our beginning readers to explore this fabulous realm, we have created some coloring pages to "fertilize" this lush forest. Children have a fascination with all things mystical: pirates, knights in shining armor, dragons, adventurers, treasures of gold, and on and on. We hope to help keep your children's minds active and full.

Try out our fantasy coloring pages:

You may also be interested in our other fantasy activities. We have some fun dragon bookmarks. These are a great activity for a fantasy birthday party or just everyday fun. We also have a printable treasure chest and a page of printable pirate coins as well as a Pirate Battle Ship game.

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