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Get Well, Good Knight

by Shelley Moore Thomas
illustrated by Jennifer Plecas

Get Well, Good Knight, a "Puffin Easy-To-Read Level 2". The book indicates level 2 books are good for "reading alone, harder words, and longer text" for beginning readers.

What child doesn't like a story with dragons and knights in shining armor? Get Well, Good Knight is a story about a knight with sick friends - dragon friends. He goes on a quest to find medicine for his friends. After trying a wizard twice, he goes to his mother, who (of course) has the perfect cure.

I like the way Thomas uses words, they create a feeling of the book as well as just a story. The knight rides his horse "clippety-clop" and the noses of the dragons "drip-drip-drip" and the teeth "chat-chat-chatter." Her descriptions are fun and bring you into the book.

The pictures enhance the telling of the story. The illustrator uses a "shaky-cam" feel, where I prefer a solid definite line.

This book is worth owning.

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