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by Audrey and Don Wood, illustrated by Don Wood

Piggies is a children's book about hands. How many of us have done the story about the five little piggies with our children, nieces/nephews, grandchildren, etc? This story also refers to each finger as a piggy.

The story is simple, giving each "piggy" a description; the thumb is fat, the index finger is smart, the middle finger is long, the ring finger is silly, and the pinky is wee. Depending on the conditions (cold or warm, clean or dirty), the fingers change their activities and attire.

Although the story is simple, the drawings are complex and very fun to study. One of the "smart piggies" carries books with him/her (I'm not really sure which it is) throughout the story. One of the "wee piggies" carries a balloon, and one of the "fat piggies" has an umbrella. You never know how Don Wood is going to turn the piggies out in the next picture.

Some of my favorite "poses" for the piggies are: the "silly piggy" diving into the "wee piggy's" pool on the hot page, the "wee piggy" floating in bubbles on the clean page, and the "smart piggy" staying up late, reading his book with a flashlight (which I have been known to do) on the final page.

The book is easily read by beginning readers as the book has few words and many are repeated. (For example, "little" and "piggies" show up on every page.)

This is a book well worth owning.

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