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My Dad's Job

by Peter Glassman Illustrated by Timothy Bush

My Dad's Job is an entertaining and fun picture book. This is a book that adults especially will enjoy as the younger readers may not understand the double meanings of many terms like "fighting a hostile takeover." There is, however, a glossary in the back of the book for those of us who are not "business literate." The book was a "A Children's Book-of-the-Month Club Featured Selection."

My Dad's Job is about the son of a businessman who takes everything his father says about his work literally. So when his dad is put on a "great team" he asks his older brother what games their dad plays at work. His brother tells him their dad doesn't play games.

After a few days of these kind of questions and responses, the son asks if he can go to work with his father. All the way to work he worries about what they will discover there. One of the fun elements of this book is "walking" into the father's office. The spread is a double door which opens both ways into a four page layout. You'll have to read the book to see for yourself what his dad's work is like.

One of the things I enjoyed about the book is the "double" meanings and how the author has implemented them into a child's mind. I thought the idea of the book is very creative. I was also touched by the dedication which basically states that his father taught him "when you like your work, it's called fun."

The pictures are fun and expressive. I especially enjoy the illustrations when the son is thinking of his father's work. They are crowded with movement, just like I picture a child's imagination. For example, on the page where he asks his older brother about the games, the office personnel are dressed nicely with team jerseys over their ties. Everyone in the picture represents a different sport or game, including basketball, Frisbee, and even dice.

My Dad's Job is well worth owning.

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