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Just Me and My Dad

written and illustrated by Mercer Mayer

Just Me and My Dad is one in a series of books with Little Critter. These books are fun and inventive. (Sometimes these stories and Little Critter "experiences" hit very close to home.) These books have detailed pictures that are fun to explore.

All the Little Critter books are from the perspective of Little Critter. In Just Me and My Dad, Little Critter and his father go on a camping trip. Little Critter always considers the things he does as very helpful - although as an adult we know these little helpers aren't always THAT helpful. For example, when Little Critter and his father put up the tent, there are a few complications (this is a great picture).

The pictures really draw you in, and it is fun to explore the illustrations. Some small details include crickets, spiders, and turtles hiding on each page. One of my favorite aspects of the Little Critter books is Little Critter's facial expressions. In many ways it is like a naive child, and his face clearly shows what he is thinking.

I have enjoyed all the Little Critter books I have read. One of the fun aspects of these books is that no matter who you are (Mom or Dad, Grandpa or Grandma) there is a book that applies to you. These books cover many common "growing up" experiences from taking a bath to sleepovers to manners.

This is another book that is "well worth owning".


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