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Are You My Mother?

By P.D. Eastman

Are You My Mother? is another book I remember from my childhood. It is one of the "I can read it all by myself, beginner books." This book is great for children learning to read. There are several phrases that are repeated throughout the story, making it easy for young readers to predict what is coming.

As the title suggests Are You My Mother? is the story of a baby bird searching for his mother. This is a fun book for small children because they are given the opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge of animals. Besides a dog, a kitty, and a cow, there are machines like a boat and a plane. The baby bird asks each of them, "Are you my mother?"

The book was copyrighted in 1960 and the pictures are definitely from that era. P.D. Eastman also uses a very limited palette which consists of red, yellow, and brown tones. I was surprised to find that I like his use of color. It is original and your eye is really drawn to the bright red and yellow colors.

I enjoyed reading the book again, although, I remember it being a lot more entertaining from a child's point of view. Maybe it was the result of feeling a sense of accomplishment after reading a whole book by myself.

This book is worth owning.

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