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My Monster Mama Loves Me So

by Laura Leuck and illustrated by Mark Buehner

My Monster Mama Loves Me So is such a fun book. There is nothing like reading a book for the first time and loving every page. (Of course, before I read this book, I was somewhat familiar with Mark Buehner's illustrations from other books.)

This book is great for all children as it is so imaginative. The monster is very easy for children to relate to -- instead of teeth the little monster has fangs, instead of a swimming pool he goes to a swamp.

My Monster Mama Loves Me So is about the relationship between a monster and his mother. As the title suggests, the monster lists some of the reasons he knows his monster mama loves him. Those reasons include the monster mama baking cookies that are filled with bugs. (Doesn't that sound delicious??) All of the examples the monster gives are humorous and heartwarming.

On top of the great story, Mark Buehner's illustrations are fabulous. The house the monsters live in looks exactly how I image a monster's house would look. It is filled with cobwebs, broken floor boards, and loved by all creatures (including bats, spiders, and snakes). The little details like the spider that is being used as a book mark, the one-eyed dog, and monster superstar athletic poster on the wall make the pages a joy to browse.

As in Snowmen at Night (by Caralyn Buehner and illustrated by Mark Buehner), there are hidden pictures on every page, although you are not told what to look for. There are hidden pictures in every illustration, including the cover. Dinosaurs, rabbits, and cats seem to be his signature, but you can also find bats and snake lurking throughout the adventure.

Another book "well worth owning".

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