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Silly Sentences

"Silly Sentences" is a fun way to encourage beginning readers to enjoy reading. Young established readers will also find this game amusing.

This game turns sentences around in such a way that children find particularly entertaining (especially those kids experimenting with their own budding sense of humor). By mismatching the beginning of each sentence with the end of another sentence, an otherwise ordinary story becomes very funny.

To play this game, you will need two containers to put the sentence pieces in, as well as the free printable sentences pages. "Part 1" is the first half of the sentence; "Part 2" is the second half. The "Background sheet" is optional- if you want to glue the two sentence pieces together to read them later, the background sheet makes it easy for young children to glue them. You will need to print three background sheets if you plan to use all of the sentences.

One of the great advantages of this game is that you can play with any number of people. Whether you need an activity to occupy one child, or a game for a class party, this is enjoyable for any size group.

First, print the pages you will be using (below). Cut all the "Part 1" pieces and place them in a container. Then, cut all the "Part 2" pieces and place them in a separate container. Take turns pulling sentence pieces from the two separate containers and reading the mixed-up sentences aloud. (If desired, glue both sentence pieces to the background page. When all the pieces are glued on, read all the sentences again.)

Here is one example from our "Mixed-Up Halloween Party". Part 1 reads: "The pale vampire is". Part 2 may read: "sitting on my head." Together, the sentence says, "The pale vampire is sitting on my head." Kids really get a kick out of some of the ridiculous images this game conjures up.

We have the following "Silly Sentences" games available:

All the Wrong Rhymes

All the Wrong Rhymes is another great game for older elementary kids. This game is similar to our Silly Sentences games. Print out the nursery rhymes and the clues. Fill in the subject and predicate blanks with the subject and predicate clues, then read through your new mixed-up nursery rhymes! This is fun and educational at the same time -- who could ask for more? (Don't forget to print both the rhymes and the clues -- you will need them both.)

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