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Sight Words Bingo

Many reading programs encourage children to learn sight words. These are words that are used a lot in early reading, but the phonetic rules often don't apply. It is helpful for children to memorize these words to help them become more fluent readers.

Sight Words Bingo is a game that makes it fun to learn sight words. We have chosen a few of the most common sight words for our game.

Print out the pages, and cut the cards out. (The calling cards are on the last page - they do not have the "ABC" at the top. Use them for choosing and calling words.) Play like any bingo game. You can cut out small pieces of paper for markers, or use Cheerios or anything else small enough to cover the squares. The winner is the first to get three in a row.

This bingo game is only a 3 by 3 board because the attention span of young children is generally too small to allow a 5 by 5 game.

Click here to print your Sight Words Bingo cards:

Sight Words Bingo

You can find more sight word games (including Memory, Go Fish, Snakes and Ladders, Old Maid, and more) at

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